2024 Arnold Classic UK Results

The 2024 Arnold Classic UK, held in Birmingham, England from March 15th to March 17th, brought together some of the world’s most exceptional bodybuilding talent across seven divisions

As athletes vied for top honors and a chance to qualify for the illustrious Mr. Olympia competition, the stage was set for an unforgettable showdown. 

Day 1 of the event witnessed stunning victories by Jaclyn Baker, Wesley Vissers, and Leonida Ciobu, setting the tone for an action-packed weekend.

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Setting the Stage: The Road to the Arnold Classic UK

Before diving into the electrifying results, it’s essential to understand the significance of the Arnold Classic UK within the bodybuilding community

As a qualifying event for the prestigious 2024 Mr. Olympia, competitors viewed this competition as a crucial opportunity to solidify their standings in the sport. 

Following the intense showdown at the Arnold Classic Ohio just weeks prior, where Hadi Choopan emerged victorious in the Men’s Open division, anticipation was at an all-time high for the UK edition.

Day 1 Highlights: Jaclyn Baker, Wesley Vissers, and Leonida Ciobu Shine

Classic Physique Division

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In the Classic Physique division, fans witnessed a fierce battle between Wesley Vissers and Breon Ansley, two of the sport’s most formidable competitors. 

With Breon Ansley, a former two-time Classic Physique Olympia winner, eager to reclaim his dominance, the stakes were high. 

However, it was Wesley Vissers’ impeccable conditioning that ultimately stole the show, securing him the first-place title. Breon Ansley secured second place, followed by Urs Kalecinski in third.

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Fitness Division

The Fitness division saw Ariel Khadr aiming to clinch her second Arnold Classic title after her recent victory in Ohio.

However, Jaclyn Baker emerged as a formidable challenger, displaying outstanding stage presence and posing prowess. 

In a stunning turn of events, Jaclyn Baker exacted revenge for her second-place finish in Ohio, securing the top spot. Ariel Khadr settled for second place, with Michelle Fredua-Mensah rounding out the top three.

  • Winner: Jaclyn Baker
  • Second Place: Ariel Khadr
  • Third Place: Michelle Fredua-Mensah

Wellness Division

The Wellness division witnessed a captivating battle between Juliana Mota and Leonida Ciobu, both determined to claim the coveted title. 

Despite Juliana Mota’s exceptional shape and aesthetics, it was Leonida Ciobu’s completeness that ultimately led to her victory. 

With outstanding performances from both athletes, the Wellness division showcased the epitome of grace and athleticism.

  • Winner: Leonida Ciobu
  • Second Place: Juliana Mota
  • Third Place: Sandra Colorado Acal

What’s Next: Men’s Open and Beyond

hadi choopan vs samson dauda
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While Day 1 of the 2024 Arnold Classic UK delivered thrilling results across multiple divisions, fans eagerly await the outcome of the Men’s Open division and other categories in the days to come. 

With the likes of Hadi Choopan and Samson Dauda set to battle it out once again, anticipation is sky-high for the crowning of the next Arnold Classic UK champion.

Stay tuned as we bring you live updates, scores, and exclusive insights into the remaining divisions of the 2024 Arnold Classic UK

As the world’s top bodybuilders continue to showcase their talent and determination on stage, one thing is certain: the Arnold Classic UK is a celebration of champions, excellence, and the indomitable spirit of the human body.

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