“Arnold and Patrick’s Post-Gym Bike Ride”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the iconic “Terminator” and revered bodybuilding legend, continues embracing a fitness and family life. This article delves into a day of adventure and exercise as Arnold and his son, Patrick, demonstrate their enduring legacy as “Training Legends.” Together, they dispel the “Weight Myth,” showcasing how a commitment to a healthy lifestyle knows no age.

"Arnold and Patrick's Post-Gym Bike Ride"
Via Instagram of Patrick

Gym Session and Cycling 

Arnold, a faithful “Mr. Olympia” at 76, exemplifies unwavering dedication to physical fitness. On this particular day, father and son emerged from the hallowed halls of Gold’s Gym in Los Angeles, a place synonymous with bodybuilding history.

Their fitness journey didn’t end there; they embarked on an invigorating cycling expedition through the scenic streets of Venice Beach, proving once again that they are indeed “Workout Legends” in their own right.

Active Attire 

Both Arnold and Patrick, dressed in casual, sporty attire, were ready for action. Arnold, clad in a trusty blue padded coat and black shorts, was geared up for his workout. He completed his ensemble with long black socks and black plimsoles, ensuring a comfortable ride on his two-wheeled machine during their “Leg Workout” through the streets. His sleek sunglasses shielded his eyes, allowing him to focus intently on the road ahead.

Patrick’s Style 

Patrick, the “Last Action Hero” himself, celebrated his 30th birthday in style. Sporting fashionable blue trousers and a grey top, he easily navigated the coastal community. His trendy hat and choice of trainers, complemented by a stylish gold chain, showcased his unique style, embodying the essence of a true “Hollywood Rivalry” with his father‘s legendary status.

patrick styles 2022
Via Instagram of Patrick

Celebrating Patrick’s Birthday 

Their day of fitness and family bonding was more than just a workout; it was also a celebration. They marked Patrick’s 30th birthday the previous day, a milestone commemorated with an intimate dinner at the renowned Nobu in Malibu.

In attendance were not only Arnold but also his mother, Maria Shriver, siblings Katherine, Christina Schwarzenegger, Christopher Schwarzenegger, and brother-in-law Chris. The festivities continued with a grand birthday cake adorned with white frosting and sprinkles, bearing the words ‘Happy Birthday Patrick’—a memorable moment for this close-knit family.

Upcoming Endeavors 

As Patrick enters his 30s, he embraces exciting opportunities in the entertainment industry. He’s set to star in the eagerly awaited TV superhero series “Gen V,” a thrilling spin-off of “The Boys.” In this “Ridiculously Entertaining” show, young adult superheroes undergo rigorous battle challenges at the prestigious Godolkin University School of Crimefighting under the watchful eye of Vought International.

Patrick’s character, Luke Riordan, known as “Golden Boy,” is a popular student with the awe-inspiring power of fire manipulation. “Gen V” is set to make its grand debut on Amazon Prime Video, with the first three episodes released on September 29, followed by weekly releases leading up to the season finale on November 3. Patrick’s journey promises to be as captivating as his father’s, contributing to the family’s lasting “Legacy” in entertainment and fitness.


Arnold Schwarzenegger and his son Patrick exemplify not only a commitment to fitness but also a strong bond as a family. Their active lifestyle, from hitting the gym to cycling through Los Angeles, reflects their dedication as “Training Legends.”

As Arnold continues his legacy as “Mr. Olympia” and Patrick steps into the entertainment world with “Gen V,” they prove that age is just a number when pursuing one’s passions. This dynamic duo’s journey is a testament to the enduring spirit of positive guidance, health, and family unity.


What did Arnold Schwarzenegger and his son, Patrick, do on their active day out?

Arnold and Patrick began their day with a workout session at Gold’s Gym in Los Angeles. Following their gym session, they enjoyed cycling through Venice Beach, showcasing their fitness and family bonding commitment.

How did Arnold and Patrick Dress for their day of Physical Activity?

Arnold wore a blue padded coat, shorts, long black socks, and black plimsolls for cycling. Patrick sported blue trousers, a grey top, a trendy hat, trainers, and a gold chain, adding a touch of style to his attire.

What was the Occasion for their Outing, and how did they Celebrate it?

Patrick had just turned 30, and the outing was his birthday celebration. The family celebrated with an intimate dinner at Nobu in Malibu, with a birthday cake adorned with white frosting and sprinkles.

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