Arnold Schwarzenegger Officially Exits ‘Expendables’ Franchise

By / June 8, 2023

In a current discussion with Parade, mythical actor Arnold Schwarzenegger approved his release from the famous ‘Expendables’ franchise. The movie star announced that he had decided to step away from the sequel, saying that he had fulfilled his responsibilities and was willing to move on. 

Despite bidding farewell to ‘Expendables,’ Schwarzenegger indicated forthcoming collaborations with franchise founder Sylvester Stallone. Also, the actor made headlines by promoting his new role as the Chief Action Officer at Netflix, expressing his confidence in the streaming medium and his approaching debut show, ‘Fubar.’

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Departure from ‘Expendables’:

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During the discussion, Schwarzenegger made it clear that his involvement in the ‘Expendables’ franchise. He cited that he initially decided to appear in the first film as an acceptance to Sylvester Stallone and shot his scenes in just two hours. 

The actor went on to participate in the subsequent sequels, with his role growing in the third installment. Yet, Schwarzenegger said that he had finished his trip with the franchise and decided to carry on to other tasks.

New Horizons: Netflix’s Chief Action Officer:

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In a compelling favor of circumstances, Arnold Schwarzenegger declared his position as Netflix‘s Chief Action Officer in a promotional video transferred on YouTube. Describing his love for action, the actor madly assumed his unique role.

Schwarzenegger’s partnership with Netflix brings together his affection for the genre and the streaming giant’s importance for delivering engaging content. He stressed that his vast experience in action movies made him the model fit for the situation, emphasizing the exciting opportunities that lie forward.

Future Collaborations and Beyond:

While Schwarzenegger bid farewell to the ‘Expendables’ franchise, he left the gate open for possible associations with Sylvester Stallone in the end. 

The actors share a long-standing company and have formerly performed concurrently on multiple tasks. Schwarzenegger’s announcement hinted at the possibility of them joining forces once again, sparking interest and expectation among lovers.

Debut Show ‘Fubar’ and Netflix’s Action-Packed Future:

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Alongside his latest role at Netflix, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his upcoming debut show on the streaming platform called ‘Fubar.’ As the Chief Action Officer, he communicated his excitement about the play, which is set to premiere on May 25th. 

Schwarzenegger’s involvement ensures an adrenaline-fueled adventure, reflecting his passion for the action genre. The report also reinforces Netflix’s commitment to providing high-quality action content, leveraging the expertise of a famous action icon.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s official release from the ‘Expendables franchise celebrates the end of an era for the famous action sequence. While bidding farewell to the franchise, Schwarzenegger’s new role as Netflix’s Chief Action Officer swears an exciting future for action enthusiasts.

With his vast experience and passion for the genre, his collaboration with Netflix is bound to deliver engaging content. As fans eagerly await the premiere of his debut show ‘Fubar,’ the case of future alliances with Sylvester Stallone counts as an additional layer of excitement to Schwarzenegger’s action-packed journey.


How Did Schwarzenegger Initially Become Involved with the ‘Expendables’ Films?

He agreed to appear in the first ‘Expendables’ film as a favor to Sylvester Stallone and shot his scenes in a church with Bruce Willis in just two hours.

Has Schwarzenegger Completely Ruled out Any Future Involvement with the ‘Expendables’ Franchise?

No, Schwarzenegger hinted at the possibility of collaborating with Sylvester Stallone again in the future, suggesting that they may work together on something else someday.

He expressed his excitement about his upcoming debut show on Netflix called ‘Fubar’ and emphasized that nobody knows action like he does and that viewers can expect a thrilling experience.

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