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By / May 18, 2023

1.   “Strength does not come from Winning. Your Struggles develop your Strength. When you go through Hardships and decide not to Surrender, that is Strength.”

This quotation serves as a potent reminder that humans do not inherently possess strength. It is something that is acquired through a combination of diligence, tenacity, and resolve.

Schwarzenegger‘s life narrative serves as proof of this, as he toiled assiduously to become one of the most successful bodybuilders in the world, followed by a distinguished career as an actor and politician.

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This teaches us that we shouldn’t be terrified of adversity and failure. Instead, we ought to welcome them as chances for improvement. We may strengthen our fortitude and resilience and improve our capacity to deal with any obstacles that may arise by persevering through challenging times and refusing to give up.

2.   “The mind is the Limit. As long as the Mind can Envision the fact you can do Something, you can do it, as long as you Believe 100 %.”

This quotation highlights the significance of having a positive outlook and the power of the mind. Schwarzenegger contends that our thoughts and beliefs are fundamental to deciding whether we succeed or fail in life.

We are considerably more likely to succeed if we can visualize ourselves reaching our goals and genuinely believe that we can achieve them.

This teaches us to continuously work towards cultivating a happy and upbeat mentality. To overcome self-doubt and negative ideas, we should concentrate on our skills and capabilities. We may realize our greatest potential and do amazing things in life if we do this.

3.   “You can have Results or Excuses, not both.”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comment serves as a compelling reminder that success necessitates hard effort, self-discipline, and accountability for our actions. Making excuses for our inadequacies or mistakes does not lead to success.

Instead, we must accept responsibility for our actions and put in the required effort to achieve our goals.

The moral of the story is that we must be prepared to accept accountability for our deeds and put up the necessary effort to accomplish our objectives. Making excuses for our mistakes or placing the responsibility somewhere else is not acceptable.

4.   “The Worst thing I can be is same as the Everybody Else.”

This quotation serves as a potent reminder to continually try to stand out from the crowd. The worst thing we can do, in Schwarzenegger’s opinion, is to fit in and act like everyone else. We ought to strive to stand out in our own special way by embracing our originality instead.

5.   “I never Listen that You can’t.”

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This phrase serves as a great reminder to never allow people to discourage us from achieving our aspirations and objectives.

People may tell us that we can’t do anything, but we should never listen to such voices, according to Schwarzenegger. Instead, we should believe in ourselves and strive hard to prove them incorrect.

The lesson here is to believe in our abilities and not allow others to tear us down. We should surround ourselves with individuals who encourage and support us while ignoring those who try to hold us back. We can achieve incredible things if we keep focused on our goals.

6.   “Success is not Final, Failure is not Final: It is the Courage to Continue Counts.”

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This phrase serves as a potent reminder that both success and failure are temporary. According to Schwarzenegger, when we gain success, we should not become too comfortable since there will always be new difficulties and barriers to conquer.

Similarly, we should not be discouraged by failure since it is frequently a vital step on the path to success.

7.   “The more Knowledge you have, the more you’re free to Rely on Instincts.”

The value of knowledge and experience in making wise judgments is emphasized in this remark. According to Schwarzenegger, when we learn more and comprehend a subject, our trust in our gut feelings and intuition grows.

This instructs us to continue learning and expanding our knowledge. By practicing this, we could become better decision-makers who rely more on intuition and gut feelings.

8.   “Start wide, Expand Further, and never Look Back.”

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This proverb serves as a potent reminder to always push ourselves to new limits and take advantage of new chances. Schwarzenegger believes that instead of limiting ourselves to where we are right now, we should always be looking for opportunities to advance and improve.

The takeaway from this is that we should constantly be prepared to take chances and be open to new opportunities. We shouldn’t be averse to stepping outside of our comfort zone and considering fresh options. We may develop personally and realize our full potential in this way.


The statements by Arnold Schwarzenegger reflect his extraordinary work ethic, tenacity, and drive for achievement. Millions of individuals have been motivated by his career to push themselves to new limits and realize their full potential.

We can all learn to be more successful in both our personal and professional lives by adopting his lessons on grit, willpower, and sincerity.

We may look to Schwarzenegger’s comments for inspiration and direction on our path to success, regardless of the difficulties we are facing or the possibilities we are chasing.


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