Joseph Baena, Son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mirrors Father’s Iconic Bodybuilding Legacy in Latest Shirtless Video”

By / November 10, 2023

Joseph Baena, the 26-year-old son of legendary action star Arnold Schwarzenegger, is carving his path in the world of bodybuilding, closely resembling his father’s famed physique from his prime bodybuilding era. Mildren Joseph Baena’s son, Joseph Beana, recently shared a shirtless video on Instagram, showcasing his burgeoning muscles in poses reminiscent of his father’s classic bodybuilding stances.

Joseph Baena, Son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mirrors Father's Iconic Bodybuilding Legacy in Latest Shirtless Video"
via joseph bena instagram

Joseph Baena Passion for Bodybuilding

Embracing self-improvement, Joseph Baena’s post was captioned, “Competing with myself to be better every day!” This led to immediate comparisons with Arnold Schwarzenegger by his followers. Comments ranged from suggestions of Joseph Baena playing a young Conan in a prequel, due to his striking resemblance, to encouragements for him to follow in his father’s footsteps in the action movie industry. Admirers praised his genetic advantage, urging him to continue progressing.

Joseph Baena Passion for Bodybuilding
via joseph bena instagram

Joseph Baena Copy his Father’s Footprints

In a tribute to his father, Joseph Baena visited the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum in Austria, where he recreated several of his dad’s famous photos and mirrored the pose of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s statue outside the museum. Sharing his experience, he noted, “It’s not a trip to Austria without visiting the @arnoldschwarzeneggermuseum right?” This visit further highlighted Joseph Baena’s physical similarity to his father, with fans commenting on their striking resemblance and making references to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role in “Terminator.”

Joseph Baena Copy his Father's Footprints
via joseph bena instagram

While deeply influenced by his father, Joseph Baena has chosen to keep his mother’s surname, as he explained to E! News Daily Pop in December 2021. He emphasized that changing his last name wasn’t a priority, focusing instead on developing his career in acting and real estate. Joseph Baena openly expresses admiration for his father, acknowledging Arnold Schwarzenegger’s significant impact on his choices in fitness, acting, and other ventures, calling him a “stallion” and a “man’s man” whom he greatly admires.

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