Mr. Olympia, Who Beat Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Training at 81

By / August 6, 2023

Early Life and Developing Passion for Bodybuilding

Frank Zane began training at age 14 after discovering a muscle-building magazine, which inspired him to pursue bodybuilding. He continued weight training throughout college while earning his science degree, which led to his “The Chemist” nickname. So you can also know about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding. Zane kept competing as a teacher and balanced his burgeoning competitive career with his education.

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Via Instagram of Zane

Dominating the Bodybuilding Competitions

In 1968, Zane achieved rapid competitive success by winning the Mr. America title and defeating Arnold Schwarzenegger for the Mr. Universe title in the same year. He added to his accomplishments in 1969 by becoming Mr. World. Zane won Mr. Universe again in 1970 and 1972, establishing his dominance in the sport.

His peak achievement was becoming the 3-time Mr. Olympia champion from 1977 to 1979, the pinnacle of his prolific bodybuilding career.

Training and Advising Others in his 80s

At the remarkable age of 81, Zane maintains an intense training (1) regimen and works out regularly, following a split routine several times weekly. He shares workout and nutrition advice with his over 215,000 Instagram followers.

Zane aims to inspire others with his longevity, stating he intends to keep training for decades more. He exemplifies the transformative power of bodybuilding by proving it is possible to build and maintain an extraordinary physique well into old age.

Balancing Bodybuilding and Education

arnold schwarzenegger balanced diet
Via Instagram of Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Started competing in college while earning a science degree
  • Nicknamed “The Chemist” for academic background
  • Continued teaching career while training and competing
  • Education instilled a scientific approach to bodybuilding

Pioneering the Sport with Nutritional Supplements

Zane revolutionized bodybuilding by incorporating then-unusual legal supplements and meticulously experimenting to find the optimal combinations to enhance muscle growth.

His supplement-focused approach set the standard for modern professionals and inspired the supplement-centric regimens that now dominate the sport.

Bringing Science to Bodybuilding

  • Revolutionized sport through supplement use
  • Meticulously experimented to find optimal combinations
  • Enhanced muscle growth through a calculated regimen
  • Set the standard for today’s supplement-focused professionals
arnold schwarzenegger bodybuilding
Via Instagram of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Expert Thoughts

Frank Zane’s enduring legacy in bodybuilding stems from his competitive dominance in the sport’s premier events and his scientific approach to training and nutrition. Despite being over 80 years old, Zane continues to epitomize the transformative power of bodybuilding through his intense workout regimen.

Zane revolutionized the sport by pioneering supplements and inspiring today’s professionals. His passion for training and a healthy lifestyle proves that building and maintaining an extraordinary physique at any age is possible.


What are some of Zane’s Significant Bodybuilding Accomplishments?

Zane reached the pinnacle of bodybuilding success by winning prestigious titles, including Mr. America, Mr. Universe multiple times, Mr. World, and most notably, the Mr. Olympia competition for three consecutive years.

How does Zane Maintain his Fitness at over 80 Years old?

Zane still trains intensely up to 6 days a week in his 80s, following a split routine, focused diet, and positive lifestyle that he credits for his continued health.

What was Zane’s Impact on the Sport of Bodybuilding?

Zane revolutionized bodybuilding by pioneering nutritional supplements to enhance muscle growth, setting the standard for today’s professionals.

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