“Ridiculously Entertaining: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hilarious Film Hits Netflix”

By / June 8, 2023

Prepare for an exciting dose of classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movies as “End of Days” lands on Netflix on June 1; this is the most interesting; movie; of Arnold. So we can discuss “Ridiculously Entertaining: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hilarious Film Hits Netflix”.

This 1999 R-rated activity horribleness movie swears a wild and delightful adventure, merging the positions of Schwarzenegger classics such as “Last Action Hero,” “Conan the Barbarian,” and “Kindergarten Cop.” Brace yourself for an over-the-top experience served; with act, horror, and Schwarzenegger’s unique appeal.

“End of Days”: Protecting the World from the Devil

"Ridiculously Entertaining: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Hilarious Film Hits Netflix"
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In “End of Days,” Arnold Schwarzenegger carries on the function of Jericho Cane, a retired NYPD cop-hung private security officer in New York City. The story revolves around Jericho’s mission to protect a young woman named Christine York (Christ in New York) from the clutches of the Devil himself.

Meanwhile, Jericho, grappling with a personal loss after the tragic death of his wife and daughter; must confront the Devil and his henchman to protect Christine and prevent a cataclysmic event.

A Stellar Cast: Schwarzenegger, Byrne, and Pollack

“End of Days” puffs a starry cast, with Arnold Schwarzenegger giving his brand action prowess and larger-than-life existence as Jericho Cane. Gabriel Byrne gets a chilling atmosphere to the personality of the Devil, while Kevin Pollack shows Chicago, Jericho’s crooked mate.

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It’s impressive to state that the notable quote, “The Devil’s most incredible joke was persuading the world he didn’t live,” resounds in both “End of Days” and “The Typical Suspects.”

Casting Choices and Directorial Decisions

While Liv Tyler, Jennifer Connelly, and Kate Winslet were all believed to be part of Christine York, they either refused or terminated before the display commenced. Ultimately, Robin Tunney, known for her role in “The Craft,” was encouraged by director James Cameron to accept the part, which she willingly accepted.

Originally; planned for Tom Cruise, the role of Jericho Cane finally went to Schwarzenegger, who invested the surface with his unique point. Although there were disputes concerning the movie’s lighting, Peter Hyams was selected as the leader.

Box Office Reception and Schwarzenegger’s Career

Upon its escape, “End of Days” caused $20.5 million during its opening weekend, despite meeting stiff contest from films like “Toy Story 2” and “The World Is Not Enough.” While it didn’t meet Universal Studios’ initial increased anticipations, the movie went on to earn; a super $212 million worldwide.

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Following “End of Days,” Schwarzenegger continued his acting profession, starring in other act hits before his incident into politics as the Governor of California from 2003 to 2007. Newly, Schwarzenegger repaid to the screen in the TV show “FUBAR,” illustrating a past C.I.A. operative launching a last task alongside his daughter.


With the coming of “End of Days” on Netflix, witnesses can relish in the thrilling combination of movement, frightfulness, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s undeniable screen presence.

The film not only presents Schwarzenegger’s lasting contribution to the world of action cinema but also gives promises an outrageously entertaining incident for lovers of his larger-than-life films. So, get prepared to venture on a wild ride as you attack the planet of “End of Days.”


Can you Provide a Brief Overview of the Movie’s Plot?

The movie follows the account of Jericho Cane, recreated by Arnold Schwarzenegger, a retired NYPD cop curved private security officer in New York City.

Jericho finds himself charged with saving a young woman called Christine York (Christ in New York) from the Devil.

As the millennium system, the Devil seeks to impregnate Christine to free himself from hell’s endless prison. Jericho must protect Christine while selling his defeats.

Were there any interesting casting choices or behind-the-scenes anecdotes?

 Liv Tyler, Jennifer Connelly, and Kate Winslet were presented with the role of Christine York but decreased or dropped out. Robin Tunney eventually took on the part with motivation from boss James Cameron.

The lead role of Jericho was originally planned for Tom Cruise but went to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Further, the notable quote, “The Devil’s most wonderful trick was persuading the world he didn’t exist,” occurs in both “End of Days” and “The Usual Suspects.”

How was the movie received at the box office?

During its beginning weekend, “End of Days” grossed $20.5 million, despite contests from other films like “Toy Story 2” and “The World Is Not Enough.” The film went on to earn $212 million worldwide.

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