“Strongwoman Ties Schwarzenegger”

By / September 13, 2023

“Strong Woman Sets Historic Deadlift Records”

Lucy Underdown, known as a remarkable strongwoman in the world of powerlifting, has recently garnered significant attention for her incredible accomplishments in the sport and also for Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of her most notable achievements is her extraordinary deadlift records, which have left a mark in the history of strength sports.

In 2022, Lucy Underdown stunned the powerlifting community by deadlifting a jaw-dropping 661 pounds, setting a new world record. Her entry into the competitive arena brought fresh excitement and fierce competition to the world of deadlifting, challenging the status quo and raising the bar for future contenders.

"Strongwoman Matches Schwarzenegger in Deadlift"
Via Instagram of Lucy Underdown

a “Record-Breaking Year in 2023”

The year 2023 proved to be a defining period in Lucy Underdown’s powerlifting journey. During this remarkable year, she not only maintained her exceptional performance but also rewrote the record books.

One of her remarkable achievements was in a variation of the deadlift that required the use of a Kratos Barbell. Lucy managed to lift an astonishing 672.5 pounds during the UK strongwoman competition, further solidifying her status as a powerlifting sensation. However, it was another recent feat that truly set her apart.

 “The Monumental 700-Pound Deadlift”

Lucy Underdown made history by achieving a monumental 700-pound deadlift at the World Deadlift Championships. This extraordinary lift not only earned her well-deserved recognition but also secured her place as the first woman in history to accomplish such a remarkable feat.

She shared her triumphant moment with the world through a video on Instagram, showcasing the sheer joy and determination that fueled her incredible lift. Her caption, “700lb deadlift. First Woman in History I love this Shit,” captures the essence of her historic achievement.

lucy underdown height
Via Instagram of Lucy Underdown

“Chasing Schwarzenegger’s Legacy”

Lucy Underdown’s incredible 700-pound deadlift came remarkably close to the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger’s record. Falling just 10 pounds short of Schwarzenegger’s iconic lift, Lucy demonstrated that she is not only a dominant force in the world of strong women but also a competitor who can challenge the achievements of bodybuilding greats and got a lot of fame in the political career.

Her dedication to her craft, coupled with her impeccable technique and immense strength, positions her as a remarkable athlete to watch in the world of strength sports.

 “Dedication to Strength and Consistency”

Lucy Underdown’s success isn’t solely attributed to her exceptional talent but also to her unwavering dedication and commitment. Despite her demanding role as a police officer with long working hours, Lucy manages her nutrition and training regimen with precision.

Her secret to maintaining peak performance lies in meticulous meal prepping at the beginning of each week. Her meals, although basic, ensure consistency and provide the necessary sustenance for her intense training sessions.

lucy underdown crossfit records
Via Instagram of Lucy Underdown

From protein-packed breakfasts to balanced lunches and dinners, Lucy’s dedication to strength and consistency is a testament to her remarkable journey in the world of powerlifting and legacy.


In a remarkable journey through powerlifting, Lucy Underdown’s historic achievements, including a 700-pound deadlift, have set new standards in the sport. Her dedication and unwavering commitment to strength, despite the demands of her role as a police officer, showcase her exceptional talent.

Lucy’s record-breaking feats have not only rewritten the history books but have also challenged the legacies of legendary figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Her journey stands as an inspiring testament to the boundless possibilities of human strength and determination in the world of powerlifting.

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