Unlocking Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Wisdom on Metabolism, Fasting, and Eating Habits

By / October 27, 2023

For decades, Arnold Schwarzenegger has stood as the epitome of physical fitness and an enduring symbol of excellence in bodybuilding. At 76 years old, this former seven-time Mr. Olympia shows no signs of slowing down.

His journey from a bodybuilding icon to a fitness guru is not just about sculpting the perfect physique but also sharing invaluable wisdom.

Unlocking Arnold Schwarzenegger's Wisdom on Metabolism, Fasting, and Eating Habits
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In a recent newsletter from Arnold’s Schwarzenegger Pump Club, he delved into the intricacies of diet habits, fasting, and the elusive metabolism.

Fasting’s Metabolism Myth

The notion that fasting can serve as a metabolic catalyst has become a recurring topic of discussion in fitness circles. People have embraced fasting as a means to offset overeating and boost metabolism.

However, Arnold Schwarzenegger, with a deep understanding of the bodybuilding and dietary world, challenges this perspective from a scientific standpoint.

Fasting's Metabolism Myth
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According to the Austrian Oak, fasting’s impact on metabolism, as revealed by scientific studies, might be much less significant than commonly believed.

He explained, “When people fasted for two days, researchers found that it only boosted metabolism by 3.8 percent.

That means you could go 48 hours without eating, and the extra metabolic lift could be just a few calories and certainly not enough to make a difference.”

In a world where fasting promises metabolic miracles, Arnold Schwarzenegger offers a grounded perspective.

He encourages individuals to critically assess the science behind fasting before wholeheartedly embracing it as a panacea for metabolism.

A Healthy Relationship with Food

Beyond the numbers and percentages, Arnold Schwarzenegger emphasizes the importance of cultivating a healthy relationship with food.

A Healthy Relationship with Food
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While fasting may be incorporated occasionally without dire consequences, relying on it solely to enhance metabolism might lead to unintended drawbacks.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shares, “If you enjoy fasting, that’s fine, and no need to stop. But, if you do it for a metabolic boost, you’ve been misled.

More importantly, the research shows you don’t need to punish yourself when you eat a lot of food (1). That mindset does far more harm than good.

It creates a bad relationship with food, can make you unnecessarily avoid things you love, and take drastic steps to undo the ‘damage’ that didn’t even occur in the first place.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s message transcends mere scientific understanding; it revolves around fostering a wholesome connection with what we consume.

The act of punishing oneself due to indulgence in food not only deteriorates mental health but can also lead to detrimental dietary restrictions and harmful habits.

Arnold’s Schwarzenegger Own Nutritional Journey

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s dietary choices have garnered significant attention, primarily for his preference for predominantly plant-based diet options.

Arnold's Schwarzenegger Own Nutritional Journey
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This approach to his diet is not arbitrary; it is deeply rooted in a quest for health and longevity. His reduction in meat consumption has played a pivotal role in addressing blood pressure issues.

For a man who has experienced heart problems, the careful consideration of his diet myth is not merely a matter of preference but a commitment to health and vitality.

His dietary wisdom extends to the consumption of food before arm’s workouts. Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted that he refrains from eating before exercising but indulges in a nourishing post-workout snack that fuels him.

This practice reflects his unique approach to maintaining peak performance and harnessing the body’s natural potential. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s insights into diet and fitness are not a one-time revelation.


Earlier in October, he explored his favorite cutting routines, bulking methods, and his go-to post-workout meal, sharing invaluable lessons for fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

In the world of diet and exercise, Arnold Schwarzenegger remains an enduring figure, not just for his iconic physique but for the wisdom he imparts.

His message to all fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals is clear: embrace science, understand your relationship with food, and make dietary choices that prioritize longevity and well-being.

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