2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Complete Results

By / March 4, 2024

The pulsating energy within the Greater Columbus Convention Center on March 2 marked the grand stage for the 2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique division. 

Months of meticulous preparation, unwavering dedication, and fervent anticipation culminated in a spellbinding showdown, ultimately won by the exceptional Diogo Montenegro.

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The Absence of Banks and the Battle for Supremacy

The absence of two-time champion Erin Banks injected an element of unpredictability into the Men’s Physique finals. 

Fans, hungry for a fierce clash, were treated to an enthralling competition featuring top contenders – Diogo Montenegro, Vinicius Mateus Viera Lima, and Corey Morris – all vying for the prestigious title. 

Despite the notable absence, the stakes remained high, with the 2024 Olympia qualification awaiting the ultimate victor.

Diogo Montenegro’s Redemption Journey

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The finals unfolded with intense call-outs and mesmerizing poses, a testament to the athletes’ unwavering commitment to etch their names in bodybuilding history. 

Diogo Montenegro, a familiar face and a fan favorite, emerged triumphantly, claiming the gold in a spectacular finish. 

Diogo Montenegro’s journey to this pinnacle was not devoid of challenges; his last appearance at the 2022 Arnold Classic resulted in a commendable third place. 

The subsequent Olympia stage in 2023 witnessed fierce competition, landing him in fifth place. Yet, fueled by resilience and dedication, he ascended to the zenith in 2024.

The Breakthrough Performances of Vinicius Mateus Viera Lima and Vitor Chaves

While Diogo Montenegro’s win rightfully claimed the headlines, the event showcased stellar performances from Vinicius Mateus Viera Lima and Vitor Chaves, securing second and third place, respectively. 

Lima’s impressive front density captivated the judges, signifying that each competitor brought a unique flair to the stage. 

Lima’s resurgence at the Arnold Classic, following a less stellar Olympia appearance in 2023, underscored the unpredictable nature of competitive bodybuilding.

The Complete 2024 Arnold Men’s Physique Results

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The unveiling of results highlighted the depth of talent in the Men’s Physique division:

  • Diogo Montenegro (Winner)
  • Vinicius Mateus Viera Lima (Second Place)
  • Vitor Chaves (Third Place)
  • Kyron Holden (Fourth Place)
  • Corey Morris (Fifth Place)
  • Emanuel Hunter (Sixth Place)

Diogo Montenegro’s Winning Physique and the Road Ahead

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As the last prejudging callout featured the top four contenders, the judges acknowledged the need for a closer inspection in the finals. 

Montenegro’s complete and conditioned physique, particularly shining in the back shots, undoubtedly played a pivotal role in his victory. 

This win marked a significant achievement for Diogo Montenegro, considering the intense competition and the coveted Olympia qualification at stake.

A Night to Remember in Men’s Physique

The 2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique division will be etched into the annals as a night of intense competition, unexpected twists, and triumphant moments. 

Diogo Montenegro, with his redemption story and standout physique, claimed the top spot, emphasizing that the journey to victory is as crucial as the destination. 

As these athletes now set their sights on the Olympia stage, the bodybuilding world eagerly anticipates the unfolding chapters in their competitive journey.

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