2024 Arnold Classic Open Bodybuilding Compelete Results

The 2024 Arnold Classic drew its curtains, leaving Columbus, Ohio resonating with the thunderous applause of bodybuilding enthusiasts. 

The Men’s Open division, synonymous with mass monsters, witnessed an unforgettable night as Hadi Choopan clinched his inaugural Arnold Classic title. 

hadi choopan arnold classic 2024
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The showdown, marked by fierce competition and awe-inspiring displays of physique, saw Samson Dauda securing second place and Rafael Brandao claiming the third spot.

Anticipation and Momentum: Hadi Choopan and Samson Dauda in the Spotlight

hadi choopan vs samson dauda
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In the lead-up to the event, all eyes were on Hadi Choopan and Samson Dauda, both carrying notable rankings from the previous Mr. Olympia

The anticipation was fueled by Samson Dauda’s impressive track record, including victories at the 2023 Arnold Classic, Romania Pro, and EVLS Prague Pro. 

However, the spotlight also shone brightly on Hadi Choopan, a former Mr. Olympia winner, determined to add the Arnold Classic title to his list of accolades.

The Night Unfolds: Hadi Choopan’s Back Lat Spread Takes Center Stage

hadi choopan back pose
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As the night progressed, the audience was treated to an action-packed showdown between Men’s Open titans Hadi Choopan and Samson Dauda

Samson Dauda, showcasing remarkable improvements from added mass to dry detailing, presented a tight package with a focus on his back. 

However, Hadi Choopan’s back lat spread emerged as a standout feature, reaching a level that left an indelible mark on the minds of spectators.

The Results Unveiled: Hadi Choopan’s Triumph and Samson Dauda’s Formidable Display

arnold classic 2024 winner
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The 2024 Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Results reflected the intensity of the competition:

  • Hadi Choopan (Winner)
  • Samson Dauda (Second Place)
  • Rafael Brandao (Third Place)
  • Jonathan Delarosa (Fourth Place)
  • James Hollingshead (Fifth Place)
  • Akim Williams (Sixth Place)
  • Antoine Vaillant (Seventh Place)
  • Justin Rodriguez (Eighth Place)
  • Horse Marcello De Angelis (Ninth Place)
  • Mohamed Shaaban Elimababi (Tenth Place)

A Battle of Titans: Hadi Choopan’s Redemption and Samson Dauda’s Continued Rise

hadi choopan vs samson
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The showdown unfolded as a battle of titans, with Hadi Choopan on a mission to secure his first Arnold Classic title and reaffirm his status as the number-one contender to Derek Lunsford’s throne. 

The confirmation rounds and an epic posedown intensified the drama, culminating in Hadi Choopan’s victorious turn. 

Samson Dauda, the reigning 2023 Arnold Classic champion, showcased improved posing stamina but settled for second place, one spot behind Hadi Choopan, a reversal of their positions at the 2023 Olympia show.

Accolades and Honors: Best Poser and Most Muscular Awards

hadi choopan winning moment
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The night wasn’t solely about rankings but also individual achievements. 

Samson Dauda’s artistry on stage earned him the prestigious Ed Corney Best Poser Award, a fitting recognition of his posing prowess and creativity, accompanied by a $10,000 prize. 

Meanwhile, Hadi Choopan’s awe-inspiring physique secured him the Franco Columbu Most Muscular Award, another $10,000 accolade highlighting his muscularity and overall dominance.

Conclusion: A Night to Remember in Bodybuilding History

The 2024 Arnold Classic Open Bodybuilding event etched its place in bodybuilding history as a night of triumph, redemption, and exceptional displays of physical prowess. 

Hadi Choopan’s victory added a new chapter to his illustrious career, while Samson Dauda’s formidable presence signaled a continued rise in the world of Men’s Open bodybuilding. 

As these athletes bask in the glory of their achievements, the bodybuilding community eagerly anticipates their next feats on the grand stage.

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