Arnold Schwarzenegger Family Gathering: Chris Pratt

By / September 20, 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger Family Time in Santa Monica: Chris Pratt,

Amid his busy schedule in distant galaxies, Chris Pratt, the 44-year-old Marvel star, took a well-deserved break to create cherished memories with his family in Santa Monica, California. Joining him were his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, and her mother, Maria Shriver. This family outing provided a welcome respite from Pratt’s hectic filming commitments.

"Pratt & Schwarzenegger's Santa Monica Get-Together"
Via Instagram of Katherine Schwarzenegger

Star-Studded Dinner at Giorgio Baldi: A Memorable Gathering 

Santa Monica witnessed a star-studded gathering as Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger were joined by Maria Shriver and Christina Schwarzenegger for an unforgettable dinner at the renowned Italian restaurant, Giorgio Baldi. Laughter, camaraderie, and sumptuous cuisine marked this memorable evening in the company of loved ones.

Maria Shriver’s Stylish Outfit and Accessories at Giorgio Baldi 

As the quartet left Giorgio Baldi, all eyes were on Maria Shriver, California’s 67-year-old former first lady. She led the way, exuding elegance in a sophisticated black jumpsuit and stylish black heels.

Her ensemble was adorned with captivating jewelry, including a striking black cross necklace. Shriver carried a beige bag to complete her look, showcasing her timeless fashion sense.

Chris Pratt’s Casual Elegance: Blending Neutrals to Perfection 

Chris Pratt, known for his effortless style, showcased a perfect blend of casual and elegant elements in his attire. He sported a plaid blazer, a light blue button-down shirt, gray trousers, and classic dress shoes. By harmoniously combining neutral tones, Pratt demonstrated his mastery of relaxed sophistication.

Katherine’s Chic Look: Denim, White Heels, and Graceful Accessories 

Katherine Schwarzenegger, 33, made a fashionable statement with her attire. She opted for a dark denim blazer and matching pants, elegantly paired with white heels that added a touch of sophistication.

katherine arnold schwarzenegger
Via Instagram of Katherine and Schwarzenegger

Complementing her outfit was a delicate white necklace, and she carried a spacious brown bag on one arm while holding a wad of cash in her opposite hand, epitomizing effortless chic.

Chris Pratt’s Playful Dad Makeover: A Fun Family Moment 

The Pratt-Schwarzenegger family is known for their heartwarming and enjoyable moments together. In a recent lighthearted episode, Chris Pratt willingly submitted to a dad makeover orchestrated by his two young daughters, Eloise Christina, 16 months old, and Lyla Maria, three years old.

Their creative endeavors included bedazzling Pratt with teal, purple, and silver gems on his forehead, teal-painted fingernails, and even pearl gems playfully placed on his face. This entertaining transformation showcased the love and humor that characterize their family dynamics.

Daddy’s Girls: Pratt’s Joy of Fatherhood 

Chris Pratt, celebrated for his roles in “Parks and Recreation” and significant blockbuster films, shared his unique experiences as a father during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. He fondly recounted moments with his daughters, particularly highlighting his daughter Lyla’s appreciation for his outfits—expressing sentiments he had never encountered while raising his son, Jack. Pratt’s deep affection and pride in being a father to his girls were evident in his heartwarming anecdotes.

Joining the Schwarzenegger Clan: Pratt and Arnold’s Unique Bond 

In 2019, when Chris Pratt officially became part of the Schwarzenegger family through his marriage to Katherine, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Katherine’s iconic father, offered insights into their unique bond during an engaging interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Their shared passion for fitness and workouts served as the foundation for their camaraderie. Arnold deeply admired Chris, acknowledging his physical strength and remarkable success in the competitive film industry.

pratt and arnold's uniqueness
Via Instagram of Chris Pratt and Schwarzenegger

In a playful tone, Arnold humorously questioned the need for his daughter to date someone taller, bigger, and wealthier than him, adding a touch of friendly competition to their relationship.


Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger, and their extended family’s evening in Santa Monica was a testament to the bonds of love, laughter, and shared experiences. It was a welcome break from Pratt’s interstellar escapades, offering precious moments of togetherness.

From Maria Shriver’s timeless elegance to Chris Pratt’s playful side with his daughters, this family shines in style and heart. Their unique connection, highlighted by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s warm embrace of Chris, showcases the joy of coming together as one united and loving clan.


Who were the key Individuals Involved in the Family outing in Santa Monica? 

The key individuals involved in the family outing were Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver (Katherine’s mother), and Christina Schwarzenegger (Katherine’s sister). 

How did Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger dress for the Occasion? 

Chris Pratt sported a plaid blazer, a light blue button-down shirt, gray trousers, and dress shoes. Katherine Schwarzenegger wore a dark denim blazer, matching pants, white heels, and accessorized with a delicate white necklace. 

What did Maria Shriver wear for the Dinner Outing? 

Maria Shriver donned a stylish black jumpsuit, black heels, and an array of jewelry. She completed her look with a beige bag and a striking black cross necklace.

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