Arnold Schwarzenegger Relationships

By / November 25, 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Legend Relationships

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s relationships, notably his marriage to Maria Shriver, have garnered significant public attention. They married in 1986 and had four children, but their relationship hit a major obstacle when it was revealed that Schwarzenegger had a child with their housekeeper, resulting in their separation in 2011. Despite personal challenges, Schwarzenegger has maintained his prominence in both Hollywood and politics, demonstrating resilience in his career and personal life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger emerged as an iconic and multifaceted personality, achieving monumental success in the domains of acting, bodybuilding, and politics, a name that reverberates globally.

Arnold Schwarzenegger relashionships
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Celebrated for his indelible roles in cinematic classics like “The Terminator,” “Predator,” and “Total Recall,” he boasts a remarkable repertoire of accomplishments, including an unparalleled seven Mr. Olympia titles and a distinguished tenure as California’s governor from 2003 to 2011.

Yet, beneath the veneer of his illustrious career lies a love life fraught with turbulence and controversy, steeped in scandals and persistent rumors.

In this forthcoming blog post, we embark on a journey to delve into the pivotal women who have shaped Arnold’s romantic odyssey, exploring the bonds forged, the unions that defined him, and the betrayals that cast shadows over his personal and professional existence.

Relationship with Barbara Outland Baker

Arnold first girlfriend barbra
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Arnold’s inaugural foray into serious romance unfurled alongside Barbara Outland Baker, a college student whom he encountered in 1969 shortly after his relocation from Austria to the United States.

Their lives intertwined for six years in Santa Monica, with Barbara providing unwavering support during Arnold’s nascent years in bodybuilding and acting.

However, their trajectories diverged as Arnold’s aspirations soared, his focus intensifying on his ambitions, while Barbara yearned for a more conventional and stable life.

The parting of ways in 1975 marked a significant juncture, with Arnold Schwarzenegger chronicling in his memoir, “Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Education of a Bodybuilder,” that Barbara epitomized “a well-balanced woman seeking an ordinary, steady existence, whereas I, in my imbalance, recoiled at the very concept of an ordinary life.”1

Relationship with Sue Moray

soe moray with arnold
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Following his separation from Barbara, Arnold Schwarzenegger embarked on a romance with Sue Moray, a Hollywood hairdresser, in 1977. Their connection assumed the contours of an open relationship, as Sue elucidated, “When he was in town, he would be committed to me, and I would live with him and go to work from his house.

“2 Nonetheless, their liaison concluded in 1978, when Arnold Schwarzenegger crossed paths with Maria Shriver, a journalist and a scion of the esteemed Kennedy family, at a charity tennis event.

The magnetic allure of Maria proved irresistible, prompting Arnold Schwarzenegger to pursue her even while entangled with Sue. Ultimately, he severed ties with Sue, dedicating himself exclusively to Maria Shriver.

Relationship with Maria Shriver

Arnold Relationship with Maria Shriver
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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver embarked on a whirlwind romance culminating in their union in 1986. Together, they nurtured four children: Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher.

Despite their divergent political leanings—Arnold Schwarzenegger a staunch Republican and Maria Shriver a devoted Democrat—their union appeared harmonious and triumphant.

They stood as stalwarts of mutual support, with Maria’s pivotal role in Arnold’s gubernatorial victory in California’s 2003 elections attesting to their solidarity.

Nevertheless, their marriage was shaken to its core by a staggering revelation in 2011, as Arnold Schwarzenegger disclosed his paternity of Joseph Baena, a child born to their long-serving housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena, in 1997. Subsequently, Maria Shriver filed for divorce, concluding the dissolution of their marriage in 2021 after a decade of legal wrangling.

Relationship with Heather Milligan

Arnold Relationship with Heather Milligan
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Arnold’s current partner is Heather Milligan, a physical therapist whom he encountered in 2012 while convalescing from shoulder surgery. Over a decade has elapsed since their paths converged, with Arnold Schwarzenegger effusing, “We have so many things in common.

I think the world of her. I love that she’s into working. She’s independent. She just is driven as hell.”3 Heather shares Arnold’s affinity for animals, frequently showcasing Arnold’s miniature pony, Whiskey, and donkey, Lulu, on her Instagram. The duo is a constant presence in public, epitomizing a robust and enduring bond.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s romantic journey is a captivating narrative, replete with peaks and valleys, joy and sorrow, triumphs and tribulations.

In his pursuit of love, he has intertwined his destiny with some of the world’s most captivating and influential women, leaving an indelible imprint upon their lives while occasionally causing pain through infidelity and deceit.

He has grappled with the consequences of his actions, striving to make amends with his former spouse and offspring. Notably, he has rekindled love with Heather Milligan, a kindred spirit who mirrors his passion and determination. The chronicle of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love life serves as a multifaceted and riveting testament to his character and his journey.

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