Brandon Curry: A Tale of Triumph, Health Scare, and Arnold Classic Predictions

By / February 13, 2024

The world of bodybuilding is a realm of perseverance, dedication, and unyielding determination.

Brandon Curry, a name etched in the annals of bodybuilding history, recently graced The Menace podcast to share not only his harrowing health scare before the 2023 Olympia but also his top picks for the 2024 Arnold Classic

This article delves into the journey of this soft-spoken class star, his triumphant victories, a concerning health episode, and the keen insights he offers for the impending Arnold Classic showdown.

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Brandon Curry: A Titan of the Men’s Open Division

To fathom the significance of Brandon Curry’s reflections, one must acknowledge his remarkable achievements in the Men’s Open division. 

A two-time Arnold Classic champion (2019, 2022) and a solitary Mr. Olympia winner in 2019, Brandon Curry’s blend of muscle volume, aesthetics, and proportions places him among the elite in the world of bodybuilding.

Despite finishing fourth in his last two Mr. Olympia contests (2022, 2023), Brandon Curry remains a formidable force, capable of upending the competition. 

However, his journey to the stage has not been without trials, as vividly illustrated by a health scare mere hours before the 2023 Olympia.

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The 2023 Olympia Health Scare: A Battle Beyond the Stage

In a candid revelation on The Menace podcast, Brandon Curry laid bare the details of a health scare that unfolded just before his appearance at the 2023 Olympia

The ordeal began with Brandon Curry experiencing difficulty swallowing after taking two tablets for brain fog.

“I realized it wasn’t going down right. I’m like okay, I’m going to force it down. I grab a gallon jug, go out to my balcony in case I spit it up, and start slamming the water. I realized I hit a brick wall in my throat. All the water came back up, and I’m like, oh man, this is not good,” recounted Brandon Curry.

As he continued to drink water, he began spitting up blood. Concerned but initially hesitant to seek medical attention, Brandon Curry eventually went to the emergency room, discovering inflammation in his chest cavity through a CT scan. 

Despite being put under anesthesia, Brandon Curry not only made it to the Olympia stage but retained his fourth-place position, showcasing unparalleled resilience.

Brandon Curry’s Future: An International Stage Beckons

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Looking forward, Brandon Curry hinted at the possibility of participating in international shows. 

While the focus is on the upcoming Olympia, Brandon Curry acknowledged the potential for a pre-Olympia show, emphasizing the consideration of more international competitions.

“It’s a possibility you may see me before the Olympia, but right now, you can count on seeing me at the Olympia,” said Brandon Curry.

Brandon Curry’s Arnold Classic Top 5 Predictions

The anticipation for the 2024 Arnold Classic is reaching a crescendo, and Brandon Curry, despite his health scare, is not one to stay on the sidelines. 

In a bold move, Brandon Curry unveiled his top 5 picks for the upcoming Arnold Classic:

  • Winner — Samson Dauda
  • Second Place — Hadi Choopan
  • Third Place — James Hollingshead
  • Fourth Place — Marcello De Angelis (Horse MD)
  • Fifth Place — Rafael Brandao

Brandon Curry provided insights into Samson Dauda’s potential areas for improvement, emphasizing glute and trap thickness. 

He believes these enhancements would add new details to Samson Dauda’s back double biceps pose, potentially solidifying his victory.

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The Landscape of Arnold Classic Predictions

As Brandon Curry offers his predictions, the broader bodybuilding community is also weighing in on the Arnold Classic

Veterans like Jay Cutler, Chris Cormier, and Dennis James have backed Hadi Choopan, while Milos Sarcev, Samson Dauda’s coach, is confident in his pupil’s ability to secure a second consecutive title.

With the live stream of the 2024 Arnold Classic set to be free, courtesy of the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, the stage is set for an unforgettable event, where the predictions of seasoned bodybuilding figures and the aspirations of rising stars will collide.

In conclusion, Brandon Curry’s journey, from triumphs to health scares and predictions, underscores the resilience and dedication required in the world of bodybuilding

As the bodybuilding community eagerly awaits the unfolding drama at the Arnold Classic, Brandon Curry’s revelations add an extra layer of anticipation, reminding fans that the true essence of this sport lies not just in the physique but in the stories of triumph and perseverance that accompany it.

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