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By / August 8, 2023

Schwarzenegger’s Birthday Tribute to Cutler

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently posted a touching tribute on Instagram to fellow bodybuilding icon Jay Cutler, who just turned 50. So you can read about both Schwarzenegger Tributes to Younger Bodybuilding Icon Cutler. Cutler is 26 years younger than Schwarzenegger. Yet, the two titans of the sport share an incredible combined legacy of 11 Mr. Olympia titles.

Though both legends are now retired from professional competitions, they remain actively dedicated to fitness and bodybuilding.

Schwarzenegger Tributes to Younger Bodybuilding Icon Cutler
Via Instagram of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay Cutler

Shared Bodybuilding Greatness

Schwarzenegger nicknamed the Austrian Oak, won a record-setting 7 Mr. Olympia titles and helped bring bodybuilding into the mainstream like no star before him. Cutler, known as the Quad Stomper, won 4 Mr. Olympia titles during the 2000s and pushed the standards of physique conditioning and muscularity to new heights. Also, read about his political career.

Despite the generational gap between them, Schwarzenegger and Cutler represent the pinnacle of excellence in bodybuilding across multiple eras. Their joint contribution to the sport is unmatched and cements their status as two of the greatest to ever step on a competitive stage.

Heartfelt Instagram Tribute

To mark Cutler’s 50th birthday milestone, Schwarzenegger shared a heartwarming Instagram post as a tribute to the younger but equally iconic champion. So most people want to see the movie of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The post featured two video snippets – one of Schwarzenegger and Cutler’s training philosophy together in an open gym during later years, demonstrating their enduring bond.

The second video showed prime footage of Cutler intensely training alone to prepare for the Mr. Olympia competition during his winning years. Schwarzenegger captioned the emotional post simply with “Happy Birthday @jaycutler” and called him the “best to set foot on a bodybuilding stage.”

The touching social media tribute by one legend to another much younger champion highlights the mutual respect between icons across generations in the bodybuilding community.

arnold schwarzenegger guides frustrated man to positivity
Via Instagram of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Cutler Overcomes Genetic Challenges

Cutler’s ascent to the top of the bodybuilding world was not easy, as he faced significant genetic challenges. Yet through determination and relentlessness, Cutler overcame the odds to win Mr. Olympia 4 times.

His first victory came in 2006 when he finally dethroned the great Ronnie Coleman, ending his 8-year reign on top. While Cutler experienced defeat in 2008, this only fueled his motivation to reclaim Mr. Olympia’s glory in 2009 and 2010.

Cutler has credited this loss as the best thing that could have happened to light a fire under him. His comeback from defeat embodies the persevering spirit of a true champion. You can also get the idea from the daily routine workout.

Cutler Names Coleman the GOAT

In a recent podcast, when asked who the Greatest of All Time in bodybuilding was, Cutler named fellow 4-time Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman as the top choice. Cutler cited Coleman’s unparalleled physique, muscular density, and body strength records, cementing his GOAT status.

However, Cutler also gave tremendous credit to Schwarzenegger for building the foundation of the sport’s popularity. Cutler believes Schwarzenegger was too far ahead of his competition in the 1970s and helped bring bodybuilding out from obscurity through his larger-than-life persona.

While Coleman may be the GOAT to Cutler, he recognizes Schwarzenegger as an icon who paved the way for future generations of bodybuilding stars.

ronnie coleman and jay cutler on stage
Via Instagram of Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler

Mutual Respect Between Icons

The supportive tribute post by Schwarzenegger for Cutler’s birthday highlights the culture of camaraderie and mutual admiration among the world’s top Hollywood bodybuilders across different eras.

Despite their fierce competitiveness on stage during their heydays, the shared experience of reaching the pinnacle of the sport has bred deep respect between its biggest stars. This spirit of inspiration and community reflects the ethos at the heart of bodybuilding’s legacy.

Both in and beyond their competing years, the champion bodybuilders continue to motivate countless followers and honor the rich history of the sport they helped build.

My Thoughts

The heartfelt social media tribute from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Jay Cutler on his 50th birthday encapsulates the spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect between bodybuilding legends.

Despite fierce on-stage rivalry during their primes, these icons harbor admiration for fellow greats across eras who pushed the sport to new heights.

Their enduring motivational influence and celebration of the sport’s history continue to inspire new generations. In the end, the legacy of bodybuilding is defined by the passion and determination of its trailblazing stars.


Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger Make an Instagram Post Tribute to Jay Cutler?

He posted a tribute to wish Cutler a happy 50th birthday and honor his fellow bodybuilding legend 26 years younger than himself.

What did Schwarzenegger’s Instagram Tribute Post Contain?

It contained a video of him and Cutler training together in recent years and another throwback video of Cutler training in his prime for Mr. Olympia competitions.

How did Cutler Manage to Become a top Dodybuilder Despite Genetic Challenges?

Cutler overcame the odds to win Mr. Olympia 4 times through relentless determination and motivation, fueled by his comeback after a defeat in 2008.

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