“Fart Face-Off: Margolyes & Schwarzenegger”

By / September 18, 2023

In the realm of Hollywood anecdotes and controversies, few stories are as quirky and amusing as the alleged “fart feud” between legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the incomparable Miriam Margolyes on the set of the 1999 movie “End of Days.” This unusual episode has garnered attention and even found its way into Margolyes’ memoir, “Oh Miriam! Stories from an Extraordinary Life.”

"Fart Exchange: Margolyes vs. Schwarzenegger"

Margolyes’ Initial Accusation: 

The curious tale began when Miriam Margolyes first made headlines by accusing Schwarzenegger of deliberately farting in her face during the filming of “End of Days.” In an interview on News.com.au’s “I’ve Got News For You” podcast, Margolyes recounted the incident and her surprise at Schwarzenegger’s behavior and his political career.

Margolyes’ Revelation in Her Memoir: 

However, in a surprising twist, Margolyes’ memoir provides a different perspective on the infamous fart incident. She candidly admits to her involvement, revealing that she had initiated the exchange by allowing a “medium-strength” fart to escape during rehearsals. Margolyes emphasizes that, despite the sound effect, there was no unpleasant odor associated with her contribution.

Schwarzenegger’s Retaliation: 

According to Margolyes, Schwarzenegger’s response to her accidental flatulence was nothing short of theatrical. He seized the opportunity with gusto, constantly referring to it and feigning shock and revulsion. However, it didn’t stop there and also the workout routine like the back workout routine and his daily base exercise.

Schwarzenegger allegedly orchestrated his retaliation during the filming of Margolyes’ character’s death scene. With Margolyes pinned under him, Schwarzenegger purportedly unleashed a resounding, purposeful, and malevolent fart directly into her face, followed by uproarious laughter.

Margolyes’ Reaction: 

margolyes' reaction arnold schwarzenegger

Margolyes did not take Schwarzenegger’s actions lightly. In response to the calculated and rather cheeky move, she shouted, “Fuck you, Arnie!” It was a moment of defiance and humor amid the unexpected exchange of gases.

Lack of Response from Schwarzenegger’s Representatives: 

While this unusual story has piqued the curiosity of many, representatives for Arnold Schwarzenegger have remained tight-lipped and have not responded to inquiries regarding the incident. The matter remains a lighthearted anecdote without official confirmation or denial from Schwarzenegger’s camp.

Margolyes’ Other Set Experiences: 

In her memoir, “Oh Miriam! Stories from an Extraordinary Life,” Miriam Margolyes also shares her experiences on the set of “Little Shop of Horrors.” She recounts her role as a dental nurse working with actor Steve Martin’s character.

Margolyes details challenging scenes where she endured doors repeatedly slamming in her face and encountered what she describes as “unlovely and unapologetic” behavior from Steve Martin, all while performing a musical number.

miriam margolyes filmy

Our Determination: 

The “fart feud” between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Miriam Margolyes remains a unique and humorous episode in Hollywood history. While Margolyes’ memoir has shed new light on the incident, it continues to be a subject of curiosity and amusement for fans and readers alike.

In the world of show business, where the unexpected is often celebrated, this story stands out as a reminder that even legendary actors can find themselves in unconventional and unforgettable situations.

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