Schwarzenegger’s Memory-Loss Prank by DeVito

By / July 20, 2023

DeVito strikes again with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s memory-loss joke.

In a humorous turn of events, Danny DeVito was able to trick Arnold Schwarzenegger while he was filming a movie, giving him a momentary loss of memory. So let’s see Schwarzenegger’s Memory-Loss Prank by DeVito. Schwarzenegger was made to forget his lines and even the sequences he had just filmed by DeVito’s ingenious offer of a cigar laced with marijuana.

This endearing practical joke highlights the lively chemistry between the two actors and gives their on-set friendship a lighthearted touch.

Schwarzenegger's Memory-Loss Prank by DeVito
Via Instagram of DeVito

Successful Films Starring Schwarzenegger and DeVito in an Unlikely Combination

Due to their dissimilar physical attributes and acting philosophies, Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger may appear to be an unusual couple. However, their working together in movies like “Twins” and “Junior” has become a successful formula.

The unique chemistry between Schwarzenegger’s action-hero appeal and DeVito’s comedic skills grabbed moviegoers and helped make both movies successful. Their unexpected chemistry shows how casting and narrative can benefit from diversity.

Schwarzenegger’s memory loss incident on Set: The Cigar Prank

Danny DeVito pulled a funny joke on Arnold Schwarzenegger by delivering him a cigar packed with marijuana while a movie was being filmed. Schwarzenegger inhaled the cigar, unaware of the joke, and temporarily lost his memory, forgetting his lines and prior sequences.

schwarzenegger's memory the cigar price in pakistan
Via Instagram of Arnold Schwarzenegger

The actors’ fun personalities and the unforeseen surprises that can happen during film production are both highlighted by this humorous episode. The memory-loss prank highlights the fun-loving production environment and adds a memorable chapter to Schwarzenegger’s political career.

Prank Reversal: Schwarzenegger’s Failed Attempt to Prank DeVito

Arnold Schwarzenegger, renowned for his outsized persona, tried retaliating against Danny DeVito by pulling a similar practical joke. His hoax, though, was exposed when DeVito swiftly caught him in the act.

This prank’s reverse highlights the two performers’ continued lively connection and desire to have lighthearted conversations. Their friendship and common sense of humor are still intact despite the failed attempt, which adds to the joy and camaraderie between them.

Having more fun with Schwarzenegger and DeVito’s friendship of practical jokes

The memory-loss hoax and ineffective reprisal did not affect Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito’s jovial friendship. So you can also get information about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Education; their continual practical jokes, and amusing conversations, both on and off the screen, demonstrate their camaraderie and sense of humor.

Through the years, their jovial camaraderie has persisted, making fans laugh and enhancing the delight of their collaborations. The enduring relationship between Schwarzenegger and DeVito is evident in their ability to maintain the good times.

schwarzenegger devito movies
Via Instagram of DeVito

Schwarzenegger, DeVito, and Tracy Morgan to Reunite in Twins Sequel?

The possibility of seeing Tracy Morgan, Danny DeVito, and Arnold Schwarzenegger again in a “Twins” sequel will excite fans of the iconic movie. According to rumors, “Triplets,” a sequel starring the group in a fresh comic adventure, is in the works. So you must know about Arnold Schwarzenegger the legacy.

Fans are excited about the possibility of seeing these outstanding actors again, which highlights the original movie’s ongoing appeal. The idea of a “Twins” sequel promises to delight spectators as they eagerly await additional developments.

My Thoughts

Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s memory-loss joke is evidence of their deep relationship and sense of humor. Schwarzenegger was briefly confused and forgetful following the incident on the set of their movie, but he soon realized it was all a joke involving a marijuana-infused cigar.

Despite the little misunderstanding, Schwarzenegger and DeVito have remained friends and still love playing practical jokes on one another. Schwarzenegger and DeVito’s camaraderie and fun antics have become essential to their shared Hollywood heritage as fans excitedly anticipate a potential Twins sequel with Tracy Morgan joining the ensemble.


How did Arnold Schwarzenegger React to Memory Loss?

Schwarzenegger initially forgot his lines and couldn’t recall the scenes he had filmed earlier. He felt terrible for wasting everyone’s time and was puzzled by the director and DeVito’s smirks.

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Attempt to Prank Danny DeVito in Return?

Schwarzenegger tried to pull a prank on DeVito using a similar trick, but DeVito caught him before he could proceed, showcasing his keen sense for such pranks.

What is the Current Status of a Potential Twins Sequel with Schwarzenegger and DeVito?

While there have been discussions about a sequel called Triplets with Tracy Morgan joining the cast, there has yet to be a recent update on the project’s progress.

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