Schwarzenegger’s Cigar Influence: Pratt’s Infection & Fallon’s Lesson

By / July 14, 2023

Schwarzenegger's Cigar Influence: Pratt's Infection & Fallon's Lesson

Arnold Schwarzenegger a legendary figure in the entertainment initiative and retired bodybuilding winner, has a fondness for cigars that have exited an impact on those around him. So this is interesting affect to know like Schwarzenegger’s Cigar Influence: Pratt’s Infection & Fallon’s Lesson.

From his iconic figure to his flourishing political career, Schwarzenegger’s consequence extends beyond the realms of Hollywood. This report delves into the fascinating accounts of how Schwarzenegger’s passion for cigars has influenced his son-in-law Chris Pratt and talk show host Jimmy Fallon.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Bodybuilding Legacy and Cigar Influence:

Schwarzenegger’s journey to stardom formed in the world of bodybuilding, where he achieved the coveted label of Mr. Olympia numerous times. His sculpted body grew as a motivation for aspiring bodybuilders worldwide.

During his bodybuilding career, Schwarzenegger’s occupation and faithfulness were apparent, and he often honoured his achievements with a cigar in hand. This collaboration between cigars and triumph would later influence those who crossed ways with him.

arnold schwarzenegger's bodybuilding legacy and cigar kit

Chris Pratt’s Encounter with Schwarzenegger’s Cigar Affection:

Chris Pratt, understood for his positions in blockbuster movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, found himself caught between attraction and caution when Schwarzenegger offered him a cigar.

Despite being aware of his asthma, Pratt could not fight the temptation of communicating celebratory moisture with his father-in-law after the delivery of his daughter. Ignoring his wife’s signs, Pratt joined Schwarzenegger, only to encounter the results later—an enormous lung condition.

Nonetheless, Pratt described that the incident, albeit ill-fated, was worth it, fascinated by the masculinity seeped by Schwarzenegger while smoking a cigar.

Jimmy Fallon’s Smoking Lesson with Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Even late-night talk show commentator Jimmy Fallon fell beneath Schwarzenegger’s cigar power. Fallon, known for his comedic aptitudes, had dabbled in cigar smoking earlier but desired direction from Schwarzenegger to improve his cigar-smoking process.

chris pratt's encounter with schwarzenegger's cigar affection

Schwarzenegger graciously carried the role of mentor, leading Fallon the appropriate way to appreciate a cigar. Their shared knowledge at a cigar bar, attended by Drew Barrymore and Fallon’s wife, completed a remarkable point for Fallon, despite feeling a bit woozy from the encounter.

Reflecting on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Impact:

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s power grows far beyond cigars. His bodybuilding legacy, quotes that inspire greatness, and successful political career have left a memorable mark on popular culture.

Schwarzenegger’s dedication to vigour and nutrition, presented through his rigorous workout routines and well-designed food plans, continues to inspire; someone seeking physical and mental transformation. Also, his commitment to his family and the pride he plants in his daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger, add to the depth of his inheritance.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s passion for cigars has had a profound impact on those near him. From his son-in-law Chris Pratt to converse show host Jimmy Fallon, the allure of celebratory steam with Schwarzenegger was established compellingly.

Despite the health consequences faced by Pratt, the experience left an indelible memory. Schwarzenegger’s journey from bodybuilding champion to effective actor and political formation has made him an icon of finding and triumph. His cigar relationship has evolved twisted with his larger-than-life persona, leaving a continuing heritage in the recreation industry and beyond.


What happened when Chris Pratt Smoked a Cigar with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Despite having asthma and his wife’s warnings, Chris Pratt joined Schwarzenegger for a celebratory smoke and ended up with a lung infection.

How did Jimmy Fallon get Involved in Schwarzenegger’s Cigar Influence?

Jimmy Fallon sought Schwarzenegger’s guidance to improve his cigar-smoking technique and ended up enjoying cigars with Schwarzenegger and friends at a cigar bar.

What is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Legacy beyond Cigars?

Schwarzenegger is known for his remarkable bodybuilding career, inspirational quotes, successful political career, dedication to fitness and nutrition, and the pride he instills in his family.

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