Schwarzenegger’s Sgt. Rock Sunk by Cleese

By / July 27, 2023

The iconic action movie team of John McTiernan and Arnold Schwarzenegger were set to collaborate once more to create the magnificent Sgt—rock adaptation of the renowned DC comic book at the beginning of the 1990s. So this is important to know about Schwarzenegger’s Sgt. Rock Sunk by Cleese.

With famous author Shane Black, they concocted a gigantic, expensive epic that would test the boundaries of an action movie. But their ambitious project involving British comedic legend John Cleese would take a surprising turn. So you can also know about the Arnold Schwarzenegger workout routine.

Schwarzenegger's Sgt. Rock Sunk by Cleese
Via Instagram of Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Project Sgt. Rock’s Origins:

Schwarzenegger, McTiernan, and Shane Black were ready to start another new project after their successful collaboration in “Predator,” which became a landmark movie in both careers and Political careers. They focused on bringing the beloved Sgt—rock figure from the DC Comics pages to the big screen this time.

An Expansive Vision:

The movie’s narrative, which took its cue from the classic Danny Kaye comedy “Imitation General,” revolved around Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, Sgt. Rock was tasked with protecting John Cleese’s portrayal of an English cook who was passing for a general during the turbulent years of World War II.

The narrative cleverly retold the history of Sgt. Rock, portraying him as a German who fled his country after the Nazis tragically took the lives of his loved ones.

John Cleese’s Unexpected Resistance

Despite the team’s star strength and creative prowess, they encountered an unforeseen challenge when recruiting John Cleese for the project.

Although Cleese enjoyed the triumph of his critically acclaimed comedy masterwork, “A Fish Called Wanda,” he was apprehensive about working on the Sgt—Rock project.

john cleese movies and tv shows
Via Instagram of John Cleese

Politely declining:

Cleese gently expressed his concerns about the project during a meeting with the filmmakers. He gave the impression that he was worried it might follow the usual action movie tropes frequently associated with American film, so many people want to get information about the Arms workout routine.

Notably, John McTiernan hypothesized that Cleese could have had a different opinion of the project if he had seen the ground-breaking success of “Die Hard” before their meeting.

Sgt. Rock’s Demise:

Sadly, Cleese’s involvement was the deciding factor in how successful the Sgt. Rock project would be. His refusal was a significant setback for the production because the cast had envisioned Cleese and Schwarzenegger’s chemistry as the movie’s central conflict.

The heart of the film:

According to John McTiernan, the charming banter between John Cleese and Arnold Schwarzenegger was the movie’s heart. The chemistry between the two actors, Cleese playing an English cook and Schwarzenegger playing a German hero, promised a compelling and distinctive cinematic experience.

Bright Prospects of Schwarzenegger

arnold schwarzenegger's jovial taunt, "toothpick arms"
Via Instagram of Arnold Schwarzenegger

They were following the failure of Sgt. Rock, John McTiernan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger maintained their lucrative careers in Hollywood. Schwarzenegger later starred in the science fiction hit “Total Recall,” while McTiernan was behind the camera for the universally praised “The Hunt for Red October.”

Take Away:

The decision to move through with the Sgt. Rock project was made after the chance to cast John Cleese alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger was lost. However, the performers and the director each followed their paths, allowing fans to speculate about what the action-packed adventure may have been had Cleese and Schwarzenegger’s strong presence on screen been there. Sgt.

Rock continues to be a monument to the unrealized potential within the continuously changing field of cinematic storytelling despite its tragic demise.


What was the Planned Collaboration between Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McTiernan in the Early Nineties?

In the early nineties, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McTiernan, known for their successful collaboration in “Predator,” intended to team up once again to create a movie adaptation of the DC comic book Sgt. Rock.

How did John Cleese become Involved in the Project?

John Cleese, riding high on the success of “A Fish Called Wanda,” was considered an ideal addition to the cast. He was envisioned to play an English cook posing as a general during World War II alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sgt. Rock.

What role did John Cleese play in the Project’s Demise?

John Cleese’s reluctance to join the project contributed to its demise. Despite being courted for the role, Cleese’s reservations about the film led to its eventual collapse.

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