2024 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair Results 

By / March 4, 2024

In a spectacular showcase of indomitable spirit and awe-inspiring physiques, the 2024 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair event unfolded in Columbus, Ohio. 

The culmination of intense competition saw Rajesh John emerge as the victor, hoisting the title above his head in a record-breaking seventh triumph. 

The event featured remarkable performances, with Gabriele Andriulli securing second place and Josue Fabiano claiming the third spot.

rajesh john arnold classic 2024
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Anticipation and Contenders: The Battle for Supremacy

The Men’s Pro Wheelchair division, a yearly highlight of the Arnold Classic, drew widespread anticipation and excitement.

With renowned competitor Harold Kelley considered a formidable force, eyes were on former champion Gabriele Andriulli as a potential disruptor. 

The stage was set for a battle of titans, promising a clash of musclebound physiques and competitive fervor.

The Stage is Set: Gabriele Andriulli vs. Rajesh John in a Battle of Aesthetics

rajesh john arnold classic pro wheelchair
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As the event unfolded on the second day of the 2024 Arnold Classic, the audience was treated to an enthralling battle between leading contenders Gabriele Andriulli and Rajesh John. 

Gabriele Andriulli, a former Arnold Classic winner, showcased his well-defined pecs and biceps, presenting a compelling case for the coveted title.

However, standing in his way was Rajesh John, whose dense and conditioned physique left an indelible mark on the judges and spectators alike.

The Intensity of Competition: Gabriele Andriulli’s Redemption and Rajesh John’s Astonishing Debut

rajesh john arnold classic
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While expectations were high for the dominance of the six-time champion Harold ‘King Kong’ Kelley, the competition evolved into a riveting duel between Gabriele Andriulli and the relative newcomer, Rajesh John. 

Gabriele Andriulli, who had secured the fifth position at the 2023 Olympia, displayed remarkable improvement, captivating the judges with his on-stage presence.

gabriele andriulli mr olympia
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On the other hand, Rajesh John, a relative newcomer to the scene, stunned the audience with his aesthetics, muscle volume, and overall size. 

The battle reached its crescendo, and when the dust settled, Rajesh John emerged triumphant, securing the coveted first place. 

Gabriele Andriulli claimed the second spot, while Josue Fabiano secured the third position.

A Look at the Results: Rajesh John’s Victory and Notable Placements

2024 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair Results
via rajesh john instagram

The 2024 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair Results highlighted the intensity and unpredictability of the competition:

  • Rajesh John (Winner)
  • Gabriele Andriulli (Second Place)
  • Josue Fabiano (Third Place)
  • Harold ‘King Kong’ Kelley (Fourth Place)
  • Gaylon Grigsby (Fifth Place)
  • Bradley Betts (Sixth Place)
  • Leonard Harmon (Seventh Place)

Conclusion: A Night of Triumph and Inspiration in Wheelchair Bodybuilding

The 2024 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair event carved its place in history as a night of triumph, showcasing the resilience, determination, and exceptional skill of these incredible athletes. 

Rajesh John’s record-breaking seventh title added a new chapter to the legacy of the Arnold Classic, inspiring both the participants and the audience. 

As the bodybuilding community reflects on this night of power and precision, the spotlight shifts to the promising future of Pro Men’s Wheelchair bodybuilding.

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