Spit Out Your Pre-Workout: Arnold Schwarzenegger Advocates Carb-Based Mouth Rinses for Enhanced Workout Performance

By / July 11, 2024

In the realm of fitness and bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name carries immense weight.

The 76-year-old icon continues to influence the fitness world, sharing insights and advice garnered from his illustrious career. 

In his latest Arnold’s Pump Club Newsletter, Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced a surprising technique: rinsing your mouth with a carb-based drink before sets to boost workout performance.

This unconventional method, likened to how sommeliers taste wine, promises to enhance power and endurance without the need for actual carbohydrate consumption.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: A Lifetime of Fitness Wisdom

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s contributions to bodybuilding and fitness are legendary. 

His grasp of exercise, nutrition, and supplementation is unmatched, shaped by years of competing against the best in the IFBB Pro League

Despite recent health challenges, including the installation of a pacemaker, Arnold Schwarzenegger remains committed to optimizing fitness and longevity. 

His latest advice reflects his continuous search for ways to maximize training results.

The Science Behind the Carb Rinse

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The idea of rinsing your mouth with a carb-based drink might seem peculiar, but the science supporting it is compelling. 

Researchers found that simply swirling a carb-based drink in your mouth before spitting it out can improve workout performance. 

The method, described as the ‘sip-swirl-spit,’ was tested with subjects performing deadlifts. 

Participants who used this technique with a carb-based drink experienced increased power and lifted more weight compared to those using a placebo, without feeling more fatigued.

The Power of Mouth Receptors

What makes this method particularly fascinating is that it doesn’t require actual carbohydrate consumption.

Studies suggest that receptors in the mouth send signals to the brain, affecting motor unit activation, motivation, and reward.

This interaction can enhance performance by making muscles work harder without increasing perceived exertion.

Arnold Schwarzenegger highlighted that this method has also shown benefits in other forms of exercise, such as cycling.

Intra-Workout Drinks: More Than Just Hydration

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advocacy for the ‘sip-swirl-spit’ method sheds light on why many people find intra-workout drinks beneficial. 

Even though some ingredients in these drinks, like BCAAs, often fail to show significant benefits for muscle growth or strength, the act of sipping on flavored water or carb-based drinks during a workout might still activate the sensors in the mouth. 

This activation can aid in muscular and cardiovascular endurance and power.

Practical Applications and Expert Opinions

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Physiologist and exercise expert Dr. Mike Israetel also emphasizes the importance of carbohydrates during workouts

He suggests that the serving size of carbs should be tailored to the workout volume and intensity. 

For instance, leg workouts might require more carbs, while lighter workouts like biceps training might need none. 

Israetel’s insights align with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice, reinforcing the idea that carbohydrates play a crucial role in training effectiveness.

Implementing the ‘Sip-Swirl-Spit’ Method

For those intrigued by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice, implementing the ‘sip-swirl-spit’ method is straightforward. Before performing a set, take a sip of a carb-based drink, swirl it around your mouth, and spit it out. 

This simple technique can potentially enhance your workout performance without the need for additional carbohydrate intake. 

However, Arnold Schwarzenegger assures that consuming the drink also has its merits, offering flexibility for those who prefer not to spit.

Enhancing Your Workout Experience

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest advice underscores his commitment to finding innovative ways to improve workout performance. 

By encouraging athletes to think outside the box and try new techniques, he continues to inspire and motivate the fitness community. 

Whether you choose to adopt the ‘sip-swirl-spit’ method or stick to traditional intra-workout drinks, the key takeaway is that small changes can have a significant impact on your training results.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s suggestion to rinse your mouth with a carb-based drink before sets introduces a novel approach to enhancing workout performance. 

Rooted in scientific research, this method highlights the powerful connection between the mouth’s receptors and the brain’s response, offering a way to boost power and endurance without consuming additional carbs. 

As Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to share his fitness wisdom, he remains a beacon of inspiration for athletes of all ages, proving that innovation and dedication can lead to extraordinary results in the pursuit of physical excellence.

If you have any questions about this news or would like to share your experiences with the ‘sip-swirl-spit’ method, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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