Schwarzenegger’s Pet Update

By / September 12, 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Beloved Pets: Lulu, Dog, and Pig

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the legendary actor and former governor, is not just known for his impressive political career but also for his affection for unique pets so let’s see the Schwarzenegger’s Pet Update. In a recent video clip, he delighted his fans by offering a glimpse into his home life, featuring his three remarkable companions: Lulu the donkey, his loyal dog, and a charming pet pig.

Schwarzenegger's Pet Update
Via Instagram of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Feeding Time at Schwarzenegger’s Home

The heartwarming video captures Schwarzenegger in a relaxed setting at home, engaging in a delightful feeding routine with his beloved pets. As he dispenses treats to his furry friends, viewers can witness the excitement and camaraderie among the animals, showcasing their endearing bond so you can know about the Arnold Family History. Notably, even though the pets react with enthusiasm, they display a remarkable level of respect for each other’s space comfort, and education.

The Unusual Menagerie

Schwarzenegger’s affinity for uncommon pets is well-documented as also his workout routine. His charismatic donkey, Lulu, often takes center stage in his social media posts and has become somewhat of an internet sensation. Additionally, he’s known for owning a mini horse named Whisky, exemplifying his love for animals beyond the conventional choices.

Monica Barbaro’s Insight

In a revealing anecdote, Monica Barbaro, Schwarzenegger’s co-star in the series “Fubar,” shared her experiences meeting Schwarzenegger virtually. During Zoom calls, Lulu frequently joins the conversation, showcasing the actor’s unique lifestyle.

It’s a scene that juxtaposes the rugged and iconic actor with a cigar in his mouth alongside his endearing pet donkey, enjoying a cookie. It’s a charming and unexpected sight that encapsulates Schwarzenegger’s distinctive personality.

Remembering His Mentor, Kiyoshi Yamazaki

kiyoshi yamazaki with arnold schwarzenegger
Via Instagram of Kiyoshi Yamazaki

Aside from his pet updates, Schwarzenegger recently paid tribute to his sensei, Kiyoshi Yamazaki, who passed away. Schwarzenegger shared poignant photos of their time on the set of “Conan the Barbarian,” a pivotal movie in his career that required extensive sword training.

Yamazaki’s mentorship not only honed Schwarzenegger’s skills but also made him a convincing and iconic Conan. Schwarzenegger’s touching tribute highlighted the importance of mentors in his life and emphasized the idea that success is never solely self-made. 

Schwarzenegger’s Social Media Persona

Yamazaki’s guidance was instrumental in shaping Schwarzenegger’s career, adding depth to the legendary actor’s journey. In his social media presence, Arnold Schwarzenegger offers fans a unique blend of entertainment, from showcasing his delightful pets to paying tribute to the influential figures in his life.

These glimpses into his world remind us that even larger-than-life celebrities have their own heartwarming and relatable stories to share.

Schwarzenegger’s Unique Online Presence:

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s presence on social media platforms offers a captivating and distinctive blend of entertainment, providing fans with a deeper connection to the iconic actor and former governor.

Through his carefully curated online persona, Schwarzenegger engages his audience in a way that goes beyond typical celebrity posts.

schwarzenegger's unique perspective
Via Instagram of Arnold Schwarzenegger
  1. Showcasing Beloved Pets: One of the standout features of Schwarzenegger’s social media presence is his devotion to his unusual yet endearing pets. Particularly, his donkey, Lulu, and pet pig have become online sensations. Schwarzenegger often shares heartwarming moments of interaction with these animals, allowing fans to witness their playful antics and creating a sense of intimacy. The images and videos of Lulu, in particular, have resonated with viewers, making her a beloved internet figure.
  2. Heartfelt Tributes: Beyond the realm of entertainment, Schwarzenegger uses his platform to pay homage to influential figures in his life. His poignant tributes, like the one to his mentor Kiyoshi Yamazaki, reveal a more profound and appreciative side of the actor. By sharing personal stories and expressing gratitude, Schwarzenegger not only honors those who have played a role in his journey but also underscores the importance of mentorship and relationships in one’s life.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s endearing connection with his unusual pets, including Lulu the donkey, his loyal dog, and a charming pig, provides a heartwarming glimpse into the life of a Hollywood icon with a soft spot for unique companions.

The viral video of feeding time at Schwarzenegger’s home underscores the special bond he shares with his animals, showcasing their excitement and mutual respect. This charismatic actor’s unconventional choice of pets, like Lulu and Whisky, adds an endearing and unexpected dimension to his public persona.

Furthermore, the story of Kiyoshi Yamazaki, Schwarzenegger’s mentor, serves as a poignant reminder of the influence of mentors and collaborators in one’s journey to success. Schwarzenegger’s tribute to Yamazaki highlights the humility and gratitude that underlie his remarkable career.

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