Urs Kalecinski & Wesley Vissers Conquer a Herculean Back Workout in Preparation for the 2024 Arnold Classic

By / February 22, 2024

The echoes of clanging iron resonate through the gym as Classic Physique titans Urs Kalecinski and Wesley Vissers embark on a grueling back workout, forging their physiques in the crucible of preparation for the 2024 Arnold Classic.

In a mesmerizing display of camaraderie and dedication, the two athletes share insights, strategies, and a relentless pursuit of excellence just 21 days away from the grand stage in Columbus, Ohio.

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The Pinnacle of Classic Physique: The 2024 Arnold Classic Beckons

As the bodybuilding world eagerly anticipates the 35th annual Arnold Classic, the inclusion of the Classic Physique division intensifies the competition.

Last year witnessed Ramon Rocha Queiroz seizing the championship, with Germany’s Urs Kalecinski securing the second position.

Now, with the 2024 Arnold Classic on the horizon, Urs Kalecinski is determined to ascend to the top, setting his sights on rivaling the reigning Classic Physique Olympia champion, Chris Bumstead.

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A Convergence of Titans: Urs Kalecinski and Wesley Vissers

In a captivating union of Classic Physique stars, Urs Kalecinski and Wesley Vissers come together for an intense back workout.

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The camaraderie between the two competitors is palpable as they share their journey towards the Arnold Classic, emphasizing the significance of this momentous event in their careers.

The Blueprint of Demolition: Urs Kalecinski & Wesley Vissers’ Back Workout

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Lat Pulldown Machine — Upper Back Dominance

The duo kicks off their session with the Lat Pulldown Machine, a strategic choice by Urs Kalecinski to prioritize the upper back.

With a frequency of two back-focused days each week, Urs Kalecinski emphasizes the holistic approach, opting not to segregate different back areas.

The focus on the upper back lays the foundation for a symmetrical and proportionate physique.

Seated Cable Row Machine — Medium Volume Mastery

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Transitioning to the Seated Cable Row Machine, the athletes engage in sets ranging from 7 to 10 reps, incorporating partials to maximize muscle engagement.

Wesley Vissers sheds light on his training philosophy, balancing volume across different muscle groups.

Recognizing the importance of tailoring volume to the muscle’s size, he ensures an optimal approach for each body part.

One Arm Cybex Eagle Row Machine — Targeted Growth

The One Arm Cybex Eagle Row Machine takes center stage, allowing Urs Kalecinski to delve into the challenges of addressing weak body parts.

Drawing inspiration from Wesley Vissers’ journey to fortify his legs, Urs Kalecinski advocates for persistent efforts in enhancing areas that may be lagging.

The duo’s dedication to targeted growth reflects a commitment to overall improvement.

Standing Cable Rope Lat Pushdowns — Intensity Amplified

Introducing Standing Cable Rope Lat Pushdowns, Urs Kalecinski emphasizes the significance of intensity and muscle failure.

Drawing from the principles endorsed by six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates, he advocates for an intensity-driven approach to achieve optimal results in muscle building.

Keeping the sets hard and intense emerges as a guiding philosophy.

Assisted Pull-Ups Machine — The Grand Finale

As the session nears its culmination, Urs Kalecinski and Wesley Vissers share their preference for pull-ups as a finisher.

Reflecting on the advice of bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler, they discuss the visualization of the physique on stage during this final exercise.

The emphasis on the mind-muscle connection underscores the meticulous preparation leading to the Arnold Classic.

The Road Ahead: Urs Kalecinski’s Pursuit of Glory

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As Urs Kalecinski showcases remarkable conditioning in his recent updates, the prospect of dethroning Queiroz becomes a tangible reality.

Seizing the opportunity presented by a height and weight cap rule change, Urs Kalecinski has embraced added size, positioning himself as a formidable contender.

A triumph at the Arnold Classic could pave the way for a showdown with Chris Bumstead at the Olympia, marking a historic moment in the event’s 60th anniversary.

In the wake of their back workout spectacle, Urs Kalecinski and Wesley Vissers leave an indelible impression, signaling their unwavering commitment to presenting their all-time best physiques at the 2024 Arnold Classic.

The fusion of camaraderie, strategic training, and relentless determination propels these Classic Physique stars towards the zenith of bodybuilding excellence.

As the countdown to Columbus, Ohio continues, the world awaits a showdown that promises to etch the names of Urs Kalecinski and Wesley Vissers into the storied tapestry of the Arnold Classic legacy.

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