Hadi Choopan’s and Wesley Vissers’ Wins at 2024 Arnold Classic

The 2024 Arnold Classic, held in Columbus, Ohio, unfolded as a pivotal moment in the world of bodybuilding, leaving enthusiasts buzzing with excitement. 

The event, hosted by none other than the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger, showcased exceptional talent, with Hadi Choopan and Wesley Vissers emerging as the notable champions.

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In a recent YouTube video, bodybuilding sensation Nathan De Asha shared his insights and reflections on the triumphs of Hadi Choopan and Wesley Vissers, providing a comprehensive breakdown of the event.

Hadi Choopan’s Dominance in Men’s Open

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The Men’s Open division witnessed an intense showdown between reigning champion Samson Dauda and the formidable Hadi Choopan

Despite Samson Dauda’s commendable efforts, Hadi Choopan clinched victory convincingly, establishing himself as the clear number-one contender for Derek Lunsford’s Olympia title later in the year.

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In Nathan De Asha’s post-event analysis, he couldn’t help but acknowledge Hadi Choopan’s exceptional physique

Despite losing a bet on Samson Dauda, Nathan De Asha highlighted Hadi Choopan’s remarkable improvements, emphasizing that he brought one of his best physiques to the Arnold Classic.

Reflecting on Hadi Choopan’s past performances, Nathan De Asha noted that the Iranian bodybuilder had faced challenges in achieving peak conditions in previous Olympias. 

However, at the 2024 Arnold Classic, Hadi Choopan displayed an unparalleled level of dry conditioning and added size, leaving Nathan De Asha and others in awe.

Nathan De Asha’s observations touched on the significant weight difference between Samson Dauda and Hadi Choopan

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Despite Samson Dauda outweighing Hadi Choopan by 30-40 pounds, the latter matched him in size, showcasing the effectiveness of Hadi Choopan’s conditioning. 

Nathan De Asha pondered the potential dominance of Samson Dauda if he achieved the same level of conditioning as Hadi Choopan, emphasizing that it remains a hurdle for Samson Dauda to overcome.

Wesley Vissers‘ Upset in Classic Physique

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The Classic Physique division witnessed an unexpected turn of events as Wesley Vissers, standing at an imposing 6 feet 3 inches, secured a victory over the reigning champion Ramon Rocha Queiroz. 

Wesley Vissers‘ golden-era aesthetic, characterized by striated delts, chest, and overall muscle separation, presented a unique challenge to the five-time Classic Physique Olympia champion, Chris Bumstead.

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Nathan De Asha, anticipating a showdown between Urs Kalecinski and Ramon Queiroz, found himself surprised by Wesley Vissers‘ stellar performance. 

In his analysis, Nathan De Asha acknowledged Wesley Vissers‘ historically overlooked status in lineups and emphasized that the increased weight cap allowed him to shine. 

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Wesley Vissers’ impressive physique, described by Nathan De Asha as that of a “man mountain,” positioned him as a formidable contender in the Classic Physique division.

Nathan De Asha offered constructive criticism, noting that Wesley Vissers could enhance his hamstrings to further refine his physique

Nevertheless, he expressed a strong belief that Wesley Vissers has the potential to challenge Chris Bumstead in the Classic Physique Olympia, providing a significant size challenge that Chris Bumstead may not have encountered before.

Nathan De Asha’s Overall Reflections

Before moving on to the Classic Physique analysis, Nathan De Asha took a moment to highlight the overlooked performance of Akim Williams, who placed sixth. 

Nathan De Asha expressed his belief that Akim deserved a higher placement, emphasizing the judges’ subjective decisions in bodybuilding competitions.

In conclusion, Nathan De Asha gave full credit to Wesley Vissers, stating that he deserved the victory and that no one could take it away from him. 

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Nathan De Asha’s candid reflections provided fans with a deeper understanding of the dynamics at play during the 2024 Arnold Classic.

The Road to the 2024 Mr. Olympia

With the 2024 Arnold Classic etched into bodybuilding history, attention now shifts to the most anticipated event of the year – the 2024 Mr. Olympia competition. 

Scheduled for October 10-13 in Las Vegas, Nevada, this competition will bring together the best of the best in bodybuilding

Fans eagerly await the showdown between established champions and rising stars, eager to witness who will emerge as the ultimate victor on the Olympia stage.

As Nathan De Asha and others in the bodybuilding community continue to share their insights, predictions, and reflections, the journey to the 2024 Mr. Olympia promises to be an exhilarating ride for enthusiasts worldwide. 

The echoes of the 2024 Arnold Classic victories will undoubtedly reverberate throughout the bodybuilding landscape, setting the stage for an unforgettable Olympia competition later in the year.

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