2024 Arnold Classic Prize Money for All Divisions

By / March 7, 2024

The 2024 Arnold Classic, held from February 29 to March 3, emerged as a monumental spectacle in the world of bodybuilding, leaving an indelible mark on the participants and fans alike. 

As the curtain fell on this grand event, a staggering $850,000 in prize money was distributed across seven fiercely contested divisions, elevating the stakes and cementing its status as the second-biggest bodybuilding extravaganza of the year. 

This article meticulously breaks down the financial rewards bestowed upon the awe-inspiring athletes who graced the stage in Columbus, Ohio.

The Unpredictable Unfolding of the 2024 Arnold Classic

hadi choopan age
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No crystal ball could have foreseen the twists and turns that characterized the 2024 Arnold Classic

The headline act featured the clash between Hadi Choopan and Samson Dauda in the Men’s Open division. 

Hadi Choopan, showcasing one of his career-best physiques, emerged victorious over the formidable Samson Dauda, who brought a blend of fullness and size that posed a considerable challenge on stage. 

Hadi Choopan’s triumph translated into a life-changing $300,000, securing his place as a dominant force in the bodybuilding realm.

Seven divisions took center stage, featuring the Open, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Men’s Pro Wheelchair, Wellness, Bikini, and Fitness categories. 

The competitors, acutely aware of the prestige and implications of the Arnold Classic, delivered performances that resonated with the spirit of bodybuilding excellence, setting the stage for the impending Olympia competition.

Winners and Their Bounty: A Breakdown of Prize Money

Men’s Open: Hadi Choopan – $300,000

hadi choopan arnold classic 2024
via hadi choopan instagram

The Men’s Open division stole the show in Columbus, Ohio, captivating fans with a riveting battle between the reigning champion, Samson Dauda, and the former 2022 Mr. Olympia, Hadi Choopan

Despite Samson Dauda’s momentum from previous victories, Hadi Choopan’s impeccable combination of size and conditioning secured him the top spot, positioning him as a formidable contender for the Mr. Olympia title. 

The prize money distribution for the Men’s Open division stands as follows:

Classic Physique: Wesley Vissers – $60,000

wesley vissers arnold pose
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The Classic Physique division witnessed an unexpected turn of events as Wesley Vissers, with his golden-era aesthetic, outshone favorites like Ramon Rocha Queiroz and Urs Kalecinski

Wesley Vissers’ unique advantages on stage, coupled with his impressive physique, earned him the title and a prize money purse of $60,000.

Men’s Physique: Diogo Montenegro – $10,000

diogo montenegro height
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In the Men’s Physique category, Diogo Montenegro emerged victorious, showcasing a blend of conditioning and fullness. 

His triumph marked a significant milestone in his career, earning him the top prize of $10,000.

  • Diogo Montenegro: $10,000
  • Vinicius Lima: $6,000
  • Victor Chaves: $4,000
  • Kyron Holden: $3,000
  • Corey Morris: $1,500
  • Emanuel Hunter: $1,500

Fitness International: Ariel Khadr – $25,000

The Fitness International division unfolded with spectacular routines, with Ariel Khadr once again proving her prowess. 

With her Predator posing routine, Khadr secured her position as a three-time Fitness International champion, earning a substantial $25,000.

  • Ariel Khadr: $25,000
  • Jaclyn Baker: $13,000
  • Jodi Boam: $8,000
  • Michelle Fredua-Mensah: $5,000
  • Aurika Tyrgale: $3,000
  • Tamara Vahn: $2,000

Bikini International: Lauralie Chapados – $10,000

In the Bikini International division, Lauralie Chapados made history, clinching her third Arnold Classic title. 

Despite fierce competition from Aimee Delgado, Chapados’ complete package secured her the top spot and prize money

purse of $10,000.

  • Lauralie Chapados: $10,000
  • Aimee Delgado: $6,000
  • Vania Auguste: $4,000
  • Angelica Teixeira: $3,000
  • Phoebe Hagan: $1,500
  • Eli Fernandez: $1,500

Wellness International: Francielle Mattos – $7,000

The Wellness division witnessed a captivating showdown between Francielle Mattos and Isabelle Nunes. 

Mattos, presenting an exceptional look, emerged victorious, earning the second-biggest bodybuilding title in the IFBB Pro League and a prize money award of $7,000. Isabelle Nunes secured $4,000 for her commendable performance.

  • Francielle Mattos: $7,000
  • Isabelle Nunes: $4,000
  • Sandra Acal: $3,000
  • Bruna Seredich: $2,000
  • Lili Dong: $1,000
  • Anne-Marie Gobiel: $1,000

Men’s Pro Wheelchair: Rajesh John – $4,000

The Men’s Pro Wheelchair division witnessed a monumental shake-up, with Rajesh John emerging victorious, claiming $4,000 in prize money. 

Harold ‘King Kong’ Kelley, a favorite with six Arnold Classic titles to his name, faced stiff competition but fell short on this occasion.

rajesh john mens pro wheelchair
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  • Rajesh John: $4,000
  • Gabriele Andrulli: $1,500
  • Josue Fabiano: (Prize Money Not Specified)
  • Harold Kelley: (Prize Money Not Specified)
  • Gaylon Grigsby: (Prize Money Not Specified)
  • Bradley Betts: (Prize Money Not Specified)
  • Leonard Harmon: (Prize Money Not Specified)

The Future Beckons: A Glimpse into the 2025 Arnold Classic Prize Money

In a surprising revelation, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced a monumental increase in prize money for the 2025 Arnold Classic Men’s Open division.

The winner next year is set to receive a staggering $500,000, catapulting the event into a new realm of allure and prestige.

The exponential surge in prize money for the 2025 Arnold Classic is expected to attract an unprecedented lineup of top-tier bodybuilders. 

With half a million dollars on the line, the anticipation and excitement among fans and competitors alike are reaching fever pitch.

As the echoes of the 2024 Arnold Classic fade into the annals of bodybuilding history, the anticipation for the 2025 edition builds.

The allure of the colossal prize money, coupled with the legacy of the Arnold Classic, promises an event that will undoubtedly redefine the landscape of competitive bodybuilding

Only time will unveil the names that will etch their mark in the illustrious history of the Arnold Classic, leaving an indelible legacy for generations to come.

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